Monday, 22 March 2010


I have mainly been using this space for general thoughts and opinions, discussion of recent musical findings, and links to interesting and related articles. If you are interested in reading any of my work for university however, please click the links below.

Click HERE for some recent review work. The set brief required 2,000 worth of reviews, of both live and recorded music. One had to be at least 500 words, two had to be a maximum of 150. At least one had to include interview elements.
I went with two long reviews - one of Massive Attack's Heligoland, the other a live review of the recent Music Beyond The Mainstream African Soul Rebels Tour.
My shorter reviews included a live review of a Lee 'Scratch' Perry gig, a look at Four Tet's new album There Is Love In You, which included the required interview elements, and a review of Julian Casablancas' solo debut Phrazes For The Young.

Click HERE for some recent features work. The brief here again required 2,000 words, with a 1,000 word lead, and one with a maximum of 250 words. One also had to be a new based backgrounder. I chose two artists to feature, firstly a techno producer known as Taylor for a 1,000 feature on IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) and the Wigflex label he is working with. Secondly was 750 words on James Vyner, former bass player with indie band Seachange, who now creates audio walking tours of London. Lastly, my 250 word new backgrounder was based around the latest Wailers tour, focusing on other bands that continue to play without their lead stars.

I found the discipline of keeping to a word count difficult at times, and had to edit and re-edit my work on numerous occasions. It was also fairly difficult to write for a target audience (in this case the university), as my tastes may differ a lot to the majority of the readers. Any feedback on any of the writing here would be greatly appreciated.
For more reflections on the practices behind putting this work together, please click HERE

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